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My three Ps: passion, patience, perseverance. You have to do this if you’ve got to be a filmmaker.

- Robert Wise

Our dedicated team of production professionals is headed up by Dan and consists of various hardworking talents across the production process. We’re made up of Producers, Writers, Directors, Cinematographers and Editors who work closely with one another to bring fresh motion to the screen. 

Film is wholly collaborative by nature, no one person can do it all, and we make no exception. We’re a close knit team who live to create.

Editing feels almost like sculpting or a form of continuing the writing process.

Sydney Pollack

It’s been said by many filmmakers, both past and present, that stories are told in the edit. Only so much can go into capturing content, it takes a special eye and keen technical abilities to draw out that humanity and piece together a compelling and rich story.

Our post production team is hardworking, dedicated to the craft and are continuously on the hunt for new and exciting editing, colour grading and visual fx techniques. 

Bring another dimension to your videos.

You know what’s fun? Motion graphics. You know why? Because the possibilities are pretty much endless. When you can take a bunch of somewhat stale, static graphics and add motion to them to not only bring them to life, but to tell a story – well that’s a wonderful thing.

We’ve worked hard to hone our skills and can deliver great results with existing graphic material or we can build it from scratch. Like we said, the possibilities are endless. 

Redefining Movement.

We don’t hesitate to talk about our gear, it’s because we love our toys. There’s nothing better for us than getting our hands on the newest camera movement equipment, pulling it apart, putting it together and learning the in’s and out’s – then putting a camera on it and taking it to set.

We get excited when we see great camera moves and even more so when it’s us pulling them off. A typical day in the Cloakroom studio is spent discussing how best to achieve desired camera moves with the tools at hand and gear that we have our eye on. It’s an obsession, we’ll admit it. 

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Although we love motion, we also know how to slow down, take it one frame at a time. Cloakroom began as a partnership between a filmmaker and a photographer and continues to be just that. Photography plays a large part in what we do day to day at Cloakroom.

Headed up by Shev, our photography team is known for pushing the boundaries and working collaboratively to capture the heart, the soul and the humanity in every shot.