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Client: Meatballs & Sons

Date: June 15, 2015


It starts with a cheeky lad who always had an eye for fresh possibilities. When he was 14 years old, Carlos Swinton-Lee began his first job, bottling beer at his local pub. A year later he was running a small tuck shop in the pub garden, bringing fresh produce to the punters. It’s perhaps not surprising, given that his great grandmother owned a General Store and the family had a sprawling array of apple orchards. Locally grown produce was prized at home; sharing your wares was simply second nature. Years passed as Carlos followed his passion with hospitality, creating unique dining experiences and managing iconic restaurants & bars, and then…. Having almost grown up, with a wife and three children in Melbourne, a new possibility began to emerge. What if we returned to ol’ fashioned goodness? A speciality restaurant and general store but with a more rounded design. Meatballs. The world’s most delicious, humble and nourishing nosh. Imagine a restaurant that invites you to know the butcher by name, the grower by the soil on their hands, the chef by his grin as he pinches herbs from the store’s garden, and the wait staff by the granny smith apple they gave you as a parting gift, last time you were here! Check out Carlos & Jo from Meatballs & Sons in Fitzroy and say hi!