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Cloakroom Media is a energetic video production company located in Melbourne and built around a simple ethos of collaborative, creative and cutting edge content. Born out of a dynamic partnership between a filmmaker and a photographer, Cloakroom has expanded rapidly to include a full service production team with decades of professional experience between them and a large arsenal of industry leading equipment.

Together our team services creative individuals, small businesses, agencies and large corporates – working as one to produce uniquely beautiful content. With a wealth of options available from freelance camera operators, Freefly Systems MoVi and Tero technicians to full service video production, Cloakroom Media has what it takes to get your idea from the page to the screen.

We don’t just deliver beautifully crafted videos, we develop video content strategies & campaigns that help amplify your video across the digital media landscape.

We are ever curious and always hungry, we are Cloakroom Media.


Online video content is the future of content marketing.

Video production is at the heart of what we do, so it goes without saying that we will work end to end to not only develop an engaging and insightful creative message for your audience, but to deliver that message in a moving and beautifully original way. We are a proud team of creative thinkers who also happen to be highly practical owners and operators of world class filmmaking equipment and we think that sets us apart as a dynamic and highly effective team.

We’re Directors, we’re Producers, we’re Cinematographers and we’re Editors; we’re filmmakers. We’re captivated by light, we dream about camera movements and our minds are always ticking over with fresh ideas for our next production.

• Online Marketing Videos
• Branded Content
• Explainer Videos
• Animation & Motion Graphics
• Promotional Videos
• TV & Cinema Advertisements
• Social Media Video Campaigns
• 360 VR Videos
• Aerial Videography
• Video content strategy
• Social media video campaigns
• Online video series development
• Online Mini Documentary
• TV Documentary
• Internal Training Videos
• Promotional Videos
• Corporate Event Coverage
• Concerts / Festivals
• Corporate Events
• Brand Activations

Fix it in post.


In the old days, film editors would sit in a room with scissors and glue, painstakingly chopping, attaching and re-chopping celluloid. Contemporary editors glue themselves to computers, their fingers a blur of subtle mouse movements and furious keyboard shortcuts. Like the editors of old, they are tasked with piecing the story together, drawing out the emotion, the joy, the humanity from a batch of expertly captured raw footage.

At Cloakroom, we take as much pride in cutting our films as we do in shooting them. With intense focus, subtle perfectionism and a whole lot of passion, we strive to deliver the best result possible with the ingredients at hand and some tricks up our sleeves.

Photography is the story I fail to put into words.

Destin Sparks

For well over 150 years humans have been capturing unique moments through photography. The way in which photographic technology has developed over time has been exponential; from chemical soaked paper, through celluloid film to primitive and now highly detailed digital sensors, the opportunities to capture stunning images in creative ways are seemingly endless

No matter what we’re undertaking at Cloakroom, we’re a team of visual thinkers and photography is such a thought provoking and nostalgic visual medium that we just can’t help but be a part of it.

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